Why Choose Pet Passages

You’ve always wanted the best for your pet. Their final good-bye is just as important! Pet Passages understands that your pet is a beloved member of your family and we promise to provide the highest level of care possible. Read our website to learn all the reasons why you should choose Pet Passages or call us at 321-254-3333. Did you know that we are the only locally owned and operated pet crematory in Melbourne.

If your pet has died and you are considering pet funeral or cremation services, please know that we serve ALL Veterinary Hospitals in Melbourne, FL and surrounding counties. To better understand what makes Pet Passages the Best Choice, we have provided some information below. If you have any questions, please call us directly at 321-254-3333.


Information on pet crematories that serve Melbourne, FL

Pet Passages believes that it is very important for pet parents to have a choice when it comes to their beloved pet’s after life care and more importantly we believe you should know a pet crematory’s background, ownership. Below you will find information on the crematories that service Melbourne and surrounding areas. It is our true hope to help educate our community when it comes to such an intimate and sensitive service. Remember: You have a choice on who provides the cremation service for your pet and you do not have to go with the crematory your vet offers. If your vet does not offer Pet Passages it is because they use a cremation provider that charges the least amount and your vet marks up the price to you so they can make the most amount. Call Pet Passages for not only the best care for your pet, but save some money in the process.

Greenbriar Pet Crematory – Apopka, FL. now know as Faithful Forever Pet Loss Services. This is the crematory that most of the Melbourne, FL vet offices use. Reason: because they offer vets the cheapest prices for pet cremation and the vets can make the most money. See below for articles on Greenbriar.

The Pet Loss Center and Pet Angel. They have a few locations across Florida. They are owned and operated by Gateway Services which is owned by Imperial Capital out of Toronto, Canada. The main focus of an investment firm is to make money at all costs for investors.  https://imperialcap.com/our-partnerships/