Let start off by saying losing my sweet babygirl is so devastating. She was my sidekick and I feel so alone without her. Its harder since she was taken so fast it seems like overnight. I just had to come tell my experience. When I took her to the vet I felt so rushed and the doctor was so unsympathetic. I get they see this all time but she was someones family and he was was terrible his assistant was so nice she did try to console us. Then they kept trying to tell us about their company they work with I was already set on Pet Passages so they made me feel like I was wrong for that. The vet was like well they need to contact us and they haven’t yet I was like OK they will she was like well we are going to close. I did not need that at this time so I called as I walked out and from hello they made me feel at ease. She even told me they would pick my baby right up within the hour. I said can I send you a picture so you can make sure you receive my baby she said yes!! She called within the hour saying she had her and that it was definitely her. This made me feel so much better in this awful time that gesture was so what I needed. I hope no one has to lose their pets but if that does happen Pet Passages makes this process so much easier.. I thank you for that!!!