Losing a pet to some people is like losing a family member. So when my family lost our 18 and a half chihuahua, our family was broken. After the initial emotion of the passing of our baby, our next step was what we wanted to do with his remains. After some research, we decided that cremation was the best option. I spoke with Candy at Pet Passages in Melbourne and immediately felt at ease discussing and finalizing the next steps to have my pet cremated. When my mother and I arrived at Pet Passages, we were greeted with a heartfelt and genuine welcome that put us at ease knowing we were gonna have to part ways with our pet. After completing the necessary paperwork and chatting with Candy and Candace, we felt such relief and peace of mind knowing we were leaving a piece of our hearts with them to handle and complete the final stages of our dog’s remains. We sincerely appreciate the sympathy and kind words extended to us by Candy and Candace. Pet Passages has won over our hearts and any business in the future. Thank you again!