Re: Buddy Vicars, Pet ID# 0821

To Whom It May Concern,

I would very much like to thank the nice lady from the Melbourne FL office whom I spoke with on the phone this afternoon (02/03/18).

We unexpectedly had to put our sweet boy Buddy down today, and as you can imagine, things were pretty emotional and my husband did not really read through the entire form when he signed it.

So we didn’t realize until later after we got home and were looking through the folder we were given at checkout, that we had to place an order for the clay paw print and the hair.

I called the number on the form in a panic, wanting to make sure those were done. She answered the phone and was very kind…even pulling her car over to talk — I would have understood completely if she had to call me back.

I did not catch her name, but again, I wanted to thank her for being so kind and reassuring that she would put our order (clay paw print with name, and hair) through.

Please contact me at your convenience and I will be happy to arrange payment for the memorial items.

And thank you for taking care of our boy – he was a Good Dog.