Wanted to thank you for helping out when my precious being is passed away suddenly you guys were wonderful when I received her ashes back they were in a little bag that said till we meet at the rainbow bridge my husband passed away three and a half years ago anybody who came into our house thought the great love affair was between Joe and I it was not it was between Venus and Joe they looked at each other with such love they were the only two creatures in the world when it became obvious that Jose disease was going to kill him he said to me that he wanted to go across the rainbow bridge to be with our kitty angels that went on before us I believe that he needed Venus more than I did I love the paw print that you took as well as the wildflowers thank you again for taking care of Venus there’s a very special girl who rolled our house thank you again for all that you do and even though Venus is no longer with us have a firm believer that animals know when you’re trying to help them thank you for helping her and thank you for easing my heart